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Rates, prices and wages all affect home affordability

Is It Getting More Affordable To Buy a Home?Over the past year or so, a lot of people have been talking about how tough it is to buy a home. And while there’s no arguing affordability is

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Home purchase vs rental comparison

Is It Better To Rent Than Buy a Home Right Now?You may have seen reports in the news recently saying it’s more affordable to rent right now than it is to buy a home. And while that may be

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Let's Talk Universal Design and What is Actually Means

Hi there! Let's chat about something super important: making homes more comfortable and accessible for seniors. It's all about this awesome concept called universal design. You ready? Let's dive in

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Buyer demand and mortgage rates have a connection

Should I Wait for Mortgage Rates To Come Down Before I Move?If you’ve got a move on your mind, you may be wondering whether you should wait to sell until mortgage rates 

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